Hey what up people my name is luke 14 years old im a huge Hey Monday fan i like Social Distortion, Damone, Paramore, some Blink182, yellowcard, boys like girls, FF5, and alot other bands. Im a skateboarder...
lets see... fenderfreak100 refered me to this site. I wanna start playing the guitar soon once i can find a teacher.
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Hey, welcome to the family!

If you're just here to say hi, then allow us to herd you in with all the other newbies here. If you have any questions about the site, ask away here.
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Don't start with a teacher start off by figuring it out yourself then teacher

Start with a teacher, or you might start off with a bad technique.
I second starting off with a good teacher.

I write songs.
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I would agree both with n00bje and fancypants1, I say combine both, learn by yourself with guidance from a teacher, makes sense to me
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Don't learn on your own.
I messed up my guitar techniques by self teaching myself.
Only to find out a few months later on the internet, that I'm doing it all wrong.

Heres the best advice I can give.

Start out learning the notes & chords. (You can't call yourself a guitarist if you don't know those)
Learn some scales.

then progress from there

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Well rather, learn technique/scales from a teacher, but learn a lot of songs on your own.

I write songs.
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Hey what up people my name is luke 14 years old im a huge Hey Monday fan i like Social Distortion, Damone, Paramore, some Blink182, yellowcard, boys like girls, FF5, and alot other bands. Im a skateboarder...
lets see... fenderfreak100 refered me to this site. I wanna start playing the guitar soon once i can find a teacher.

Good day, Luke. I was in a similar position as you, about three years ago. I'll try to relay some handy information, although I'm no teacher, and I'm no professional, either. So take everything I say with a grain of salt, and if anyone in this thread overturns one of my suggestions, they're probably right. But hey, it works for me.

-Have an acoustic from the beginning, even if you prefer electric music. I'm only vaguely familiar with the pop bands you listed, but from what I know of them, you won't exactly need an Ibanez Jem, and you can probably play most of their songs on an acoustic without all that much effort. Why start acoustically? Acoustics are generally cheaper. I have a $200 acoustic I got used for $5, and it stays solidly in tune. Your fingers will callus and become stronger faster, because the action is generally higher. You'll get better at fighting fret buzz, which is probably going to be your main tone problem, starting out. You can br00tally shred once you have the basics down, but get those down first.
-ALTERNATE. PICK. When I started playing guitar, I was a dad rocker who played almost entirely with downstrokes. I was sloppy, relied entirely on legato, and wasn't able to play leads cleanly that weren't easy Jimmy Page licks and whatnot. If you ever want to play, say, Necrophagist, or even harder Page/Iommi/Blackmore solos, you're going to need strong alternate picking technique. Start from the beginning.
-Stay away from Line Six. You can thank us later.
-Your taste will change, a lot, and probably quite quickly. Thankfully, you live in the internet age, and you're fully capable of downloading music whenever you want to (or even just searching it up on Youtube). I highly recommend familiarising yourself with some guitarists that use techniques or write songs in the styles that you might want to write in.
-Stick with it. Don't give up, you can do it - we all have.
-dinosaurrockguitar.com is a pretty great website if you're into dad rock and eighties metal. I highly recommend it, even if you don't listen to that sot of music - I've picked up more than a thing or two from their alchemy profiles.
-http://www.fretcity.com/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=395&category_id=81 - I got my first electric from these guys, it was a Les Paul better than any Epi or Hagstrom I've ever played, and it cost me around $400. That, sonny, is a PRS SE 22 knockoff, list price $500. It's got a fugly gold top, so I guess they're trying to get rid of it - $90. I'd go for it, if I were you. If you want a Les Paul like I did (Pagey-worshipping fool I was), this is the closest (and cheapest) thing to the one I bought. http://www.fretcity.com/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=444&category_id=57 If you're a Strat man (probably the easiest guitar to PLAY, neckwise, out of all of these), this $117 http://www.fretcity.com/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=375&category_id=50 Squier-like Strat'll probably do you fine. And I'll tell you this much - my Les Paul has held up very, very nicely. It still sounds really good, considering what I paid for it, and after redoing the action, it's extremely playable. I was playing some stoner stuff on it the other day, it was a great purchase.

Yeah, that's about it. Start learning songs, learn some stock hard rock riffs (you can shove those almost ANYWHERE - Zeppelin, Motorhead (especially Ace of Spades lineup), and some of Sabbath's bluesier, earlier stuff is GREAT to steal little licks and such from), master your pentatonic and blues scales, and you're rocking out within a year.

Oh, another thing: Use thin picks for strumming (or you'll probably break strings) while intoxicated, medium plectrums for strumming while sober, and hard/jazz picks for leads and solos. Anything fast, you're probably going to need a jazz pick for, or at least something over 1mm.

I hope I haven't scared you, my post is kind of a cluster****, but there's useful nugget here or there that I wish I knew three or four years ago myself, so I'll leave the editing up to you. Most importantly, have some fun playing your ass off.

Second most importantly, Megadeth's "Killing Is My Business... ...And Business Is Good!" is possibly the best alternate picking exercise ever invented. Thanks to that main riff, I went from a sloppy dad rock wannabe to confident alternate picker in a weekend.
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I would say, get a classical and acoustic and get a teacher to teach you the basics.

After that, you should try to learn stuff yourself. As long as you learn good technique first, I think you'll be fine. It's better to learn good technique rather than try to get rid of bad technique.
To be honest I taught myself using some of the lessons on here as well as following tabs and I think I've come off alright. If the difficulty ratings on the songs are anything to go by then I'm an intermediate guitarist after about 2 years and haven't paid for a single teacher.

If you want to know everything about the guitar then going for a teacher is the best idea I think. But if, like me, you just want to play along to your favourite songs then learning yourself is the easiest way.
The best bet is to do some research on the best lessons, there are some good free lessons on this site maybe that's a good start
Hey bro!!
I must say guidance by a teacher is the best one over yourself. The main point for choosing a teacher is his "experience". His experience will make you aware of the hurdles and mistakes while playing guitar. You will get a good base on the chord theories, guitar related terms, playing rules(both left and right hand), scales etc etc. So a teacher would be the best with a lot of practice at home by yourself. Keep on rocking!!! \m/\m/
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Hi there, at this stage I think that is my main problem-cash- so I'll be doing some research on lessons free or not to see whats the best option.