Have you ever tried playing a lefty bass, although you're right-handed or vice versa?
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I know some guitarists who do it. Like Dan Swano plays a right handed guitar set up for right handers left handed.
Yeah, though I was trying it out for my dad, who's a lefty player. I'm left handed, but I play righty, although I can play very basic basslines, on a lefty, such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, or something like that. The plucking isnt so bad, but the fretting is easily the worse thing.
I am left handed, and I play guitar and bass right handed. I remembe being really young and some dude said to me "You do more with your left hand anyway" and I suppose I started playing right handed just for that.

But my playing isn't impaired or anything, I actually prefer it this way. I think it's pretty much personal preference.
(can guitarists post or is it bass only??) but i tried playing the guitar lefty once... failed rather laughably. i think it was layla by eric clapton i was trying because i'd just got it down right handed. never trying lefty again, i was crap. xD
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I'm right-handed, and play the bass normally left-handed, just find it easier. But I do also play right-handed as part of practice, for rounding out hand strength, and it helps with theory too, reinforcing where all the notes are. I'm not a good player, so...
I play right handed bass and I am left handed :P
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I find it helpful from an improvisational standpoint.

I've had days where for whatever reason I just rock out with a bass-ackwards instrument.
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I am a righty but I tried playing a lefthanded bass and guitar for laughs. I can play "come as you are" left handed on my right handed guitar. I was playing a left handed bass right handed the other day and it being in drop D messed me up worse than the upside down thing.

in my experiance its way easier to flip a lefty over than it is to play it left handed.

also my dad (a lefty) plays right handed and he tried to play a lefty bass and he COULD NOT do it. like it just totally disoriented him.
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Im a lefty and play right handed bass.
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Im a lefty and play right handed bass.

Yeah me too...when I bought my first guitar (yes I started on guitar) the owner of my local shop, who didn't have much of a left handed selection, said to me "if you've never played before it doesn't matter whether you're left or right handed" which if obviously true. It only took a minute or two of holding a right handed guitar for it to feel comfortable and natural. Having a dominant fretting hand feels good too.
Right handed people should learn to play left handed anyway. "strong" hand on the fret board - does all the work. It's not the 1800's any more! Why do you think so many of the world's best guitarists are left handed people who play right handed - eg. Gary Moore.
I can pick with my left hand, but fretting with my right is horrible, even when I first started playing I couldn't play left handed it's always felt weird.
I'm right handed, but play lefty. Limits my options for buying a bass, but other than that I don't expect it to matter in the long run. I injured my left wrist, so I can't wrap it around the neck comfortably, but I can still pick with it.
When I began playing bass, I was too scared to ask whether being lefty would make a difference to playing bass, and so got lumped with a righty bass.

Since then though I've got a LH bass and I can now play both ways, and I'm finding myself being able to do things on a LH bass that I can't do RH (like play slap-bass).
Im left handed but play bass right handed yet i find it almost impossible to play bass lefty
I play guitar left but bass right handed. Bass doesnt feel right when played backwards.
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I'm a lefty and play bass/guitar right handed. Ive never understood why one hand should fret and the other string. I've only been playing for over a year but I certainly dont feel any hinderance to my learning. Both hands require fine motor movements. I always felt like the fret hand should be the dominant as that has less repitition. Your all over the place up and down the neck, hammer ones, pull offs, slides, chords, scales.... so many more movements with my left hand (as I play righty) then with my right which is just strumming or thumbing or slapping or picking (kinda sounds perverted)
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