Hey everyone,

Ok, so before I get into the details I just want to apologize if this is the wrong forum or if this is in some sticky somewhere I figured it'd just be best to post, it's also rather long so yeah...

So, about a year ago I found this amp in my local guitar center which at the time I was looking for a tube amp and it had an amazing clean sound but the point of an amp for me is of course the distortion. Well, at first the amp like instantly won me over it was so thick and just sounded amazing compared to my line6 spider 3 I'd been using for the 2 years prior, I wasn't use to tube amp sounds and I kind of made an impulse buy which turned out to be really good or so I hear.

Over the last year however, I've come to realize either I'm completely terrible with amp settings or this amp just can't get the sound I want.

The reason for this post: TL : DR version...

The amp is a YCV80 Traynor, it's a great amp or so I've read pretty much all around. Incredibly versatile and all that, and I got it for 600$ which was quite a bit cheaper than I could find it even now. The guitar I use is a Schecter C-1 Artist II, picked it up off musicians friend for 340$ which was a steal if you ask me.

That being said, the kind of music I like to play is apparently called nu-metal!? My favorite band is Breaking Benjamin, which is all down tuned and heavy stuff. I also like other down tuning bands like Chevelle, Disturbed, Three Days Grace etc....

What I want to know is if this amp CAN model those sounds, obviously it's not going to be perfect or anything I'd have to have the same gear to get a perfect replica, the point is so far it's not even close when I try to...

I've been all over this thing in terms of settings and no matter what it's always a bit off. It seems that if I don't have the gain completely cranked and the master volume cranked and the channel volume just barely engaged I get like NO sustain from my notes. That and it has like a bazillion times too much bass, so I generally have to drop the bass quite a bit especially because I use 12 gage strings, EB Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms.

I have to engage the boost switch, it's not even optional, and again to deal with sustain I generally have to engage the scoop switch as well which I'm not even totally sure what does other than hearing it basically cranks the bass and gives it a hollow in a cave type sound.

So, that being said my general amp settings are like so:

Gain: 10 - Channel Volume: 1 - Treble: 6 - Bass: 6 - Mids: 0-4 *Seems to have very little effect other than just increasing the volume* I have the boost and the scoop engaged as I said before, the master volume is usually a 5.

With these settings I'm able to get a very metalica type sounds ironically but any attempt to solo just sounds hollow and faded. It kinda sounds hissy instead of thick and if I increase the bass it just gets totally echoy and muddy.

I guess the real question is, am I just completely wrong about the settings or am I just gonna have to get a pedal to get the sound I want. IF I need to get a pedal, what pedal do you recommend?
Best thing to do is to set everything at noon and tweak from there, if needed. Also scooped mids and boosted bass would be the opposite of what I would use for a thick sound. It sounds woofy and thin IMO.
im going to point out usually maxing your gain is going to give you a fizzy tone
you are probably looking for more of a smooth distortion which usually comes with volume and a little gain to taste
that amp get breaking benjamin...? no. sorry to say, but it wont cut it. i know that amp really well, and the only way i can get those sounds out of it are by using my metal muff pedal. with that, i can nail them dead on in my opinion.

not even an OD or EQ had gotten me close to the realm of the tones you're after. and my guitar has EMG 60/81 pickups in it...
For a start, you need to get that gain down a bit, more gain isnt neccesarily the best way to model those bands. There's a certain point where gain stops being beneficial to your tone, round about 6/7 ish for most amps.

For a thick, modern sound, you need to get those mids up. When I'm playing that kind of music, my settings are:



Which was found by, like luke_bassist said, starting from 5, or noon on all your knobs, and using your ears. The reason you sound hissy, is because of the high gain, and the fact that you have the scooped setting on AND your mids taken out of the tone.

Get some mids in there, drop the gain a bit, and have a play about with your amp, to find what works.
Hey everyone,

I really appreciate all the feed back, I most definitely will try that.

What would y'all recommend as far as the scoop button is concerned? Also, is it better to increase both master and channel volumes until desired loudness or is it better to raise one over the other?
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TS, look at getting a nice boost.

Also, there's a settings thread.
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Learn to love mids!

The guitar is a mid heavy instrument, so learn how to dial in a tone that concentrates on them specifically.

Also, it's important to keep in mind that great guitar sound have an awful lot to do w/ how the bass is mixed as well. A really great guitar sound will sound pretty flat if you were listening to it in an isolated room. That is because you do not need to put a lot of bass in it.

As was said earlier, set everything to 12 o'clock and start tweaking from there.

As for gear, if you don't like what you got now, try a something like a 30 watt Peavey tube combo, as they are pretty good deals for the money.

You might want to also try out some different pickups eventually, but those are probably some of the last things you'll want to worry about.
Yeah, my friends got active emgz and they definitely have more bite and sound a lot hotter but I really like the passive pickups for leads because they seem to have more smoothness especially on like sweep and runs. I really appreciate the feedback, I'm gonna give it all a good go tomorrow when everyone's not asleep around me! 8 )