on my Fender squier (made in china) at position 5 of the switch-farthest down-both Tone knobs doesn't affect the vol. is there something wrong?-btw if i move the switch back up a notch or two then i notice that the Tone knobs cut in-is this thye way it supposed to work-please explain.
It's like that, the tone knobs are just for the middle and neck pick-ups (:
The tone isn't supposed to affect the volume. Volume and tone are 2 totally different things. If you use the tone knobs and it affects the volume on the middle and neck pickups, that's fine. Those might affect the volume, as a more distinct tone will affect the volume of the pickups that use just that tone. Your bridge pickup, depending on how it's wired, either doesn't even bother with the tone knobs or has such a powerful tone naturally (quite common with bridge pickups, to have more power than the neck and middle) that switching the tone knobs doesn't affect its volume. So, either a) your tone knobs only affect your neck and middle pickups OR b) your tone knobs don't affect your bridge pickup as noticeably.
or its a cheap squire with cheap pots with little or no range...

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Unless it's been rewired, your tone controls are for the middle and neck pickups. The bridge is only affected by the master volume.
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