I have a bit of a dilemma at the moment. Since I have not been playing with a group much until recently, I never bothered to buy the correct 2 button, stereo lead connected footswitch for my DSL 401. I have a single button Marshall footswitch that would normally be used for the reverb, which I leave on at all times, and trying to use it as the channel switch does not allow me to access OD2, it only switches between clean and OD1. I have no intention of using OD1 at all, so I would like to modify this switch to go between those channels.

What I do know is the current switch is a mono connection, so the amp only reads that the OD2 circuit is not closed, or so I believe, and therefore does not allow me access to that channel. Since using the switch at all overrides the front panel buttons, I cannot simply select OD2 on there and leave it.

I would like to modify my footswitch to continuously connect the circuit of OD2 (without having a switch option for it as I do not need it) and have the 1 switch go between clean and OD1. The switch is at my non school address which I will be visiting tomorrow to pick up among other errands, and am wondering generally what should I be looking to do to change this. I'm assuming I will need a stereo cable first of all, and may want to go ahead and add a jack at the back of the footswitch instead of routing the cable inside (for durability's sake).

Does anyone have a general idea of what I should be planning for in this process?

I know I could just buy the 2 button for $40 or so, but I want to have it for this weekend (can't find in stores nearby) and would like to do this as cheap as possible while still ending with a quality product. Thanks for any info!
You have a three channel DSL? How does that work? I'm going to assume you mean the boost setting, which is not the same as a separate channel. (That would make it a TSL.) If you don't want to use the normal overdrive setting at all, you can just set it with higher volume and gain so it sounds like its boosted. I doubt that there is a separate gain circuit for the boost, they would have just made it three channels then. Most likely you will be able to achieve the same sound by either turning your volume and possibly gain up like I suggested, or you could get an OD pedal (Maxon's are the best.) and save yourself the trouble of having to re-wire anything.
I suppose I described that poorly. Yes, it is a boost, but a pretty significant one, and I use relatively high gain and volume on the OD2 setting as it is, so the non-boosted overdrive channel will not be enough (and tbh sounds a bit weak on these amps in general).

The catch is that without a 2 button footswitch with stereo connection the amp will not be able to use a footswitch and access OD2, so I want to turn my single button switch into a two button switch, just with the 2nd button automatically on at all times instead of actually switchable, as, like many other DSL 401 users, I have no need for the non boosted lead channel. I just am not 100% sure on how to go about doing this.

I'm trying to keep my setup as simple as possible overall, and also save money in the process, which is why I'm avoiding just getting a distortion pedal (which I agree would be an easy solution, and provide some extra features as well), otherwise I would have definitely agreed with you there.

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