Hehe, went to guitar shop and came out with this!!!

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Yeh!!! The one and only Ibanez TS9. I just got it and I'm on holiday so I haven't had a chance to test it on my blackstar yet but only on my tiny little Roland Micro that I took with me (And a gibson les paul)

Review: Well I've only tested it on my Roland so I don't really have that much of an oppinion. It sounds smooth, really smooth and rich. When I get back home i'll give an extended review It gives a nice boost when the drives up and the tone control is good too, as it's cranked it has more treble and when backed off it is more mellow and has more low end. Can't wait to get it back, might post clips if I do. It is built like a tank, has no true bypass and the light is annoyingly dim but I can live with it.

Payed £109
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Let me know how the TS-9 goes with the HT-5.. I'm quite curious and can't find a video/soundclip anywhere. My Bad Monkey is nice but everyone holds the TS-9 on a pedastal, it seems.
Looks nice. Sexy LP too!

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Advice on the TS9 -- Once you hit about 75% on the Level knob, you might here some popping of some sort. From experience and what my guitar teacher told me, 75% is the level at which the pedal levels out with the amp's volume (or something like that? Correct if wrong) and that you have to hit it equal to or past that to actually give yourself a volume boost.

In other words, I just leave mine around 90% most of the time