i desperately need to upgrade my amp. At the moment i have a line6 spider 3 15w which i cant stand and i play an Epiphone g-400. I play from classic rock (AC/DC) to heavy metal so i want an amp thats quite versatile. Iv tried out a vypyr and wasnt really impressed by all the effects and stuff. heres what i want:

footswitchable channels
50+watt, or big enough to play with a drumkit in a practice situation
good enough amp destortion to play heavy metal
tube or SS or hybrid (rather tube but depending on price a decent SS would probably do)
dont necessarily want a whole lot of effects in the amp

my budget is around $700US but could stretch that a little.
i dont mind whether its second hand but finding it second hand in NZ may be a problem.


EDIT: it also needs to be versatile so it would need to be a combo
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bugera 6260 or 6262 if you like your cleans, either one matches all your criteria and are well within your budget
Haven't seen many, but I've seen JSXs go down that low a couple times. Maybe a Jet City 50 head? Supposedly there are some noise issues but I still have yet to play one. You would be pretty close to a used Single Rectifier.

That is if used prices are at all similar to here...
I have a huge fear if rays.
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Peavey 6505+ 112

While an excellent amp (I'm actually considering getting one for Uni ) its not too versatile, and perhaps not quite suited to the TS.

I'd have a look at Blackstar amps, the Club, Stage and Studio combos especially.
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iv just realised that amps are rediculously over priced in NZ so it would probably have to be my budget would have to be less in your eyes.