I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but oh well.

Can you guys recommend me some good solos to learn? I feel like I'm a little lopsided with my playing, as in I play rhythm parts and chords way better than when I play lead and solos, and I need to learn more full solos. I've been playing for a little over 2 years, and I'd say I'm around an intermediate level. For example, I can play the first solo Welcome Home Sanitarium pretty good, just the one part where he sweeps the arpeggio is pretty difficult for me.

So what solos should I learn? I'd like to play mostly classic rock, hard rock, grunge, metal, etc. Basically, no jazz or indie stuff if possible. Thanks.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama... The first solo is easy
to be honest you can just pick any solo you like and slow it down and build it up.
You can do it and more with this http://supermegaultragroovy.com/products/Capo/
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learn all AC/DC solos


Oh, and learn the Whole Lotta Love solo. It's really easy, but it's still one of the best ones that you "have" to learn :P
Try a couple o' Guns 'n Roses solos.

Nightrain would be a good one.

Lots of Deep Purple and Rainbow is something I'd recommend for solos. Check out ''Stargazer'' by Rainbow.

In terms of metal, maybe Don't Talk to Strangers by Dio?
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Carmel is hawt
Metallica solos . Start at black album and work your way backwards.
frusciante rhcp stuff can be very good and easy.
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First solo I learned was Sabbath
Really easy and sound amazing
But yea, pick your favorite song and learn it
Slow it down and make sure everything is clear and sounds good
Cowboys from Hell, The Trooper, 2nd solo in Five Magics, Holy Diver, Electric Funeral (more toward novice actually), and just for the lols but actually worth learning, The Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 opening theme.
Standards: Stairway, Freebird, Hotel California, stuff along those lines. They will be a good introduction to Rock Guitar Soloing. They'll really help you get a grasp on concepts such as vibrato, scalar phrasing and what not.

As for the Metal: Metallica's stuff shouldn't be too bad, Maiden and Megadeth might prove to be a challenge, but a managable one.

Always remember, if you encounter trouble with a lick, the Metronome is your best friend. Since you're just starting Soloing, it would be insanely helpful if you got into the habit of practicing Lead work with a Metronome. It helps tons for timing, accuracy, control and all the other stuff associated with good playing. Stick with the Metronome, and with proper controlled practice, your results will be way better than if you don't use the Metronome.