I have been teaching myself how to play the guitar. Things have been going well, but I am unsure about what sort of technique I should use in the following situation. I do not know how to finger a phrase that has two adjacent strings fretted at the same place. For example:


I do not want the 7 on the g string to bleed into the sound of the 7 on the d string. Do I simply lift up the finger and move it to the next string or is there some sort of muting technique I should be using in this situation.

Thanks for any advice.
Depends on the situation. Sometimes you can use 2 fingers, sometimes I use 1 finger and roll it to mute the first and catch the second note. I just tried that lick, and to play it fast its easier to just roll with 1 finger.
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Roll your finger.

this. OR you could use your third and middle fingers for the 7s pinky for the 9 and ovi pointer for 6.
u could use either ur middle finger for the first 7 then ur pointer for the next.

OR u could use your middle finger for both, by rolling your finger up. So play the first 7 with underside of your finger, then play the next 7 with the point of your finger. But to make it not blend on, angle your finger so the g string lifts up and is muted by ur finger staying on the string.

sorry if i made it sound a little complicated, it shouldnt be as complicated as it may sound.. Basically just roll your finger off so it stops playing it. Good luck