Title says it all really guys.

I am not one for pedals but with my boost it is now a must have for my signal chain...

so whats the best noise gte i can get in pedal form?

I keep hearing about the ISP Decimater or something and the Boss one...

Any other suggestions?

Will check back tomorrow on my lunch break

Thanks guys


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I had the BOSS one and I really liked it. Don't know why I got rid of it
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ISP Decimator. Zero tone suckage, zero noise leakage.
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My preference has always been he ISP Decimator because it loses less tone than the NS-2, so if budget isn't a concern, get an ISP Decimator. If budget is a concern, try the NS-2 and ISP and see if you think the ISP is worth the extra $50.
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I own the ISP, and really like it. They also have a newer pedal called the g-string decimator, which is a little pricey.
If your amp doesn't have an fx loop to put the noise gate in, it will only get rid of hum from the pedal not the amp.
General consensus is the ISP Decimator; if you want to spend an extra $100, you can get the G-String version with two extra jacks, which allows you to effectively have a noise gate in front of your preamp and one in your effects loop. Kind of overkill though IMO.