I sit alone
In this empty room
Where my brother jerked off
Where there's no volume

Another punch in my face
My family's a ****in' disgrace
I've lost all my faith
It's where I feel most safe

Where I want to die
That's not a lie
My teardrops fall
As my conscious cries

All I can do
Is put it in you
My heart's not true
What do I assume?

You assume too?
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perhaps consider calling a help line and talking about this.

on the lyrics side of things,
its actually kind of rad i thinks.
first stanza seemed kinda humourous to me. Im guessing it wasnt supposed to be judging from the rest of it? sort of took away any power the rest could have potentially created.
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really i dont know wat the guys above me are saying i mean i like this alot. just change the last most line"you assume too" it sounds a bit out of space. the rest is really good. keep on writing
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I write poetry
And it sucks.