I'm starting a small line of guitars, and am looking for some input.
The first guitar I'm going to be producing is a Strat-style guitar, with specs as follows
two humbuckers,
a Wilkinson Tremelo,
Wilkinson E-Z Locking Tuners
Ash body
5 way switching (with coil taps)
two tones one volume
a Push Button kill switch
a maple neck/fretboard
and bolt on neck

I really want to make a guitar that has High quality materials that can't be replaced.
The pickups, though, will be a sub-brand of pickups, due to budget. (i.e. guitarheads, TNT guitars, cheap china made stuff).

Everything else on the guitar will be completely quality, and I am estimating a cost of around $350 to buy.

Without more of my ramblings, I would love to hear input on what others would want in a guitar. Give me your input.
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Well, as I'm just now getting in to building, the only thing i would suggest is watch out for making a guitar that you are marketing to sell that is modeled after an already copyrighted design such as the stratocaster. You could probably get away with such things as subtle variation in the design to avoid being sued over design theft if you do end up becoming a bigger builder.

heres a link that has more information on what I mean : http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=14450

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