Hey dude, overall, sounds cool. Dig the guitar tone. Nice riffs throughout. Cool solo too. Very Pantera-esque with the bends and whammy use. Only part I wasn't really thrilled over was the breakdown about 3 minutes in or so. Wasn't bad by any means, but at the same time I wasn't digging it as much as the rest of the song, which was really good. I'm sure with vox added in though, I'd enjoy that breakdown more.

Overall, no negative crits I can give. Nice song.
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Awesome job dude. I can see the Pantera influence and i also like the thrashy sound to this. I can't help but notice you're using Beatcraft for the drums... This is no fault of your own but i personally don't like the sound of the default Beatcraft samples. Too reverb-y in this case IMO. In terms of the actual song and guitar playing though, i think you did a great job. Nice tight guitar playing and catchy riffs. I usually don't but i actually liked the use of wah in the first solo, also great soloing right there. Especially lovin' the riff at about 3:06. Badass. Nothing negative to say about your guitar tone i think it was spot on, but this definately needs bass to fill the low end. Overall good job

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