Hey all, its me again! I've got another song for you, i think this one is my best yet. I hope it is!

You can find it on my facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Doug-Justice/143994358958879?ref=ts

Gimme some feed back and i'll feed it back to you! If you have a song. That didn't really make sense.

Wellp, see ya later!

It is really good. I liked the parts where the piano was more prominent. All you can really hear is guitar for a while and then the piano comes in more and it adds a nice touch. Do you think you could crit the song I just started working on. song
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Fantastic song man! I really enjoy the piano and guitar mix, as mentioned above. However, I do think that the piano overpowers the guitar a little too much at some points. Also, your voice is really good! I think that the song might benefit from higher pitched vocals, but it still sounds good! The lyrics were really strong in my opinion, not too cliche or anything. Super catchy, and in all honesty, I would buy your CD.

Thanks for the crit on mine! If you don't mine, I would love some critique on the other songs in my band profile as well!
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Cool song. Simple and catchy. The vocals were interesting but your voice sounded a little strained for some reason. Excellent recording though.
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a really nice simple catchy song....i think the piano is a really nice touch but on a personal level i think id put them down just a but....sometimes they overpower the song...the vocals are really nice.... harmony in the verses would make this track killer.
Really nice dude, the piano was used real tastfully. Kinda get a blink 182 vibe from it for some reason, which is definatly a good thing, still has its own style tho. Thought the singing was good to, quite original sound to your voice and can here the feeling in it.

Overall really good man. I liked it alot

Thanks for commenting on my one to
I spent the last 5 minutes trying to listen, but couldn't get it to work. Could you put it in your profile also?
Listening now. In the intro, the mix is a little confusing to me, especially with the piano in here. I agree with whoever said singing in a higher register would benefit the song. I like the general use of the piano, it adds a certain something to the song. I really like the chorus, especially the vocal melody of it (the "so-o-oh"). Overall, just with some remixing in parts and the vocal thing, this could be a really great song in this style. Keep up the good work.

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