im looking at getting a crate vfx5212. for anyone who doesnt know anything about it, it has 2 12" speakers, its 50 watts, tube (2 el34, just replaced), effects, footswitch, 2 channels. i love a marshall plexi, jvm, or silver jubilee sound, and use both clean and overdrive. im thinking about getting an ibanez tubescreamer (ts7) to boost it for solos and for low gain on the clean channel. im mostly looking for sounds similar to slash (guns n roses), alex lifeson (rush), and randy rhoads (ozzy osbourne). and i mostly play classic hard rock. i need something good for gigging (which im sure will be no problem with this) and recording. does it sound good for me to get? am i getting a good deal?
and for anyone who has one, how are the effects? i mostly use reverb and chorus.
if i get this, will i need separate chorus and delay pedals, or are the amps effects good enough? and how much gain is there?