Okay, I'm in the market for a new guitar, and sort of have my heart set on getting this one. But I've had a person tell me that I shouldn't get it, because they've never heard of the brand, and he's afriad that it's not worth the money. (Poor quality) So he says I shouldn't order it. But I know that I've seen a few Agile les pauls floating around the forums.

So, has anyone here had this guitar? Or has anyone still got it? If so can anyone give me they're reviews on it, and tell me if I should spend the money on it? Here's pictures of the one I'm wanting.

Agile makes great guitars, especially for the price. I'd get it.
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Go for it man; Agile's are amazing. Very, very good quality guitars at such a great price point. I promise you won't regret it.
I've got an Agile 828 Intrepid and, for the money, it's probably the best bargain I've ever gotten on a guitar.

Agile is still sort of a cult brand, but their products have a well deserved reputation for quality and playability.

The only thing I'd think twice about are the actives on that, but that's just personal preference than anything else.
i want the blue 7 string version of that guitar with a maple neck i would buy that if i had the 700 dollars
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To add more to it, the guy that said I shouldn't get it said that he played a bass from rondomusic.com. Where the sell the Agile guitar I'm wanting. He said the bass was really cheap made, and felt really cheap in general. But I went back and looked at the brand of this bass, and it's a completely different brand of bass than the guitar. The bass is a Brice bass. And the guitar I'm wanting is a Agile. So I don't think it's right to think that the guitar is going to be like the bass just because it's on the same web-site.
Rondo Music sells Agiles and a couple of other brands.

Agiles are made in Korea, and the quality is very good. I'd say they rate the same as Schecters costing $100 -$200 dollars more.
Not having played an Agile 6 string, I can't comment on neck thickness, but it is, after all, a 6 string, so...

As for the Schecter 7-8 strings, they use a 26.5 scale length, which is pretty crappy, IMO. Some people like it, but I'd much prefer a 28"-30" scale for a 7 or an 8 myself.

There were these 8 string Ibbys, can remember which series, made in Indonesia, that were having repeated problems w/ the screws that held the tremelos in place. The screws were coming out of their holes it seems. Ibanez has since addressed the issue from what I heard, but it does underscore the danger of buying an Indonesian manufactured guitar.
Well I'm not looking to buy a 7-8 string guitar. I don't play anything REALLY heavy that would consist of me getting a 7-8 string guitar. Besides, that's to many strings for me. :p

The last Schector I played was a Diamond series, and the neck on it was really, "Chunky" I guess you could say. But I've got fairly big hands, so that's not really an issue. I've never played an Agile, but I feel pretty good about them since everyone seems to be getting them.
But no, the one I'm wanting has no FR. I hate FR tremolos altogether. My other guitar has a FR, and it's annoying as hell. Especially to change strings on. So I'm getting another hardtail.