I'm having a weird issue.....

I get feedback at night. During the day, I have little to no issues. However at night, my amps hiss and squeal (disortion obviously making it worse).

An example of this is an amp I got for my bday yetsterday (Roland micro cube). I plugged it in at night, and the thing was squealing so loud I thought is was broken. I tried everything I could think of, but it wouldn't stop. Today (during the day), I couldnt hear any feedback when I turned it on, it worked great. This is true for my Marhsall amp as well. Another interesting note is this also happend (to a lesser degree), when using the roland battery powered only. Certain spots in the rooms caused more feecback than others. WE have 1 router and its on 24hrs a day, so that's not it.

I tried to recreate the problem during the day by turning on lights, other electronices, etc. but nothing happens. However nighttime rolls around and the amps start hissing/feeding back/etc.

Could a neighbor be using a police scanner or something else that could cause interference? Is there anything I can do?

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Where do you live? Your power probably comes from a different plant/substation during the night than during the day, which could certainly be enough of a difference to cause strange reactions from your amps.

A power conditioner would help this. Not a surge protector, but a voltage regulator - they're not super cheap, but if your amps are acting funny the power may be damaging them over time. Strange problem, I've never heard of this before. The only other thing I can think of is being close to a radio station or something, sometimes they ramp up their signal at night. That seems less likely to induce feedback though, you'd probably just hear the radio station through the amp.
I live in North NJ.

Do you think that could cause a problem even when the amp is running off batteries only? Although, the problem was less and only noticable in select areas in the room when running on batteries.
No, that wouldn't effect it on battery power, though the symptoms could be the same. If it feeds back at 135V and you're only getting 135 at night or with the batteries, it will sound the same.

Different places in the room is odd, though. Have you tried it on a different breaker, like a few rooms over or on another floor? Do you or your neighbors have nighttime fluorescent floodlights?
135V? What kind of goofy supply stations are you Yankees running?
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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Our houses are fairly far apart in my neighborhood. I turned every light on in my house today and I could not cause the feedback issue.

That's why I'm thinking its some kind of signal (police scanner, some weird router someone only turns on at night, alien transmissions , etc.) coming from another house.

So bizzarre......

I guess I'll have to use a midi adapter and play through my pc at night
Have you tried grounding the amp on top of something? Your problem IS strange so I'm kind of just throwing that out there as you mentioned electricity.