(Really quickly, I used the search function on here, but I couldn't find an article about guitar wood types and their characteristics. Any assistance would be appreciated if I overlooked anything)

I have a question. I've been playing guitar for around 2.5 years and I'm looking into my 2nd electric guitar (a major step up from my Best Buy-bought Chinese Fender Starcaster - I give you permission to laugh, I had no idea so I just grabbed that guitar, haha). The problem is, there's so much that goes into a guitar that I don't know what to do. So many different wood types with different qualities and thousands of pups to choose from and the list goes on... How does one go about trying out these different wood types and pickups if the combinations are near endless? For example, the main differences that I'm seeing (so far) between pickups is brightness, warmth, and fullness of sound. I mean, an even harder example is pickup coils that are taller/thinner tend to be brighter as opposed to shorter/fatter coils that have a fuller sound (with over wound coils sounding fuller, but having less treble). Then there's alnico's smoothness and warmth vs. ceramic's brightness and cleaner distortion. It's some deep stuff, deeper than I originally thought. I mean, I can't simply go out and try a guitar to see what "fullness" sounds like because I'd need a control guitar (like a science experiment) and dependent and independent variables (like tone or sound quality would be dependent upon the pickup or wood type, the independent variable). Really, I don't know what to do, haha. I'd like my next guitar to be versatile and last me awhile (see paragraph/link below), but it's all so overwhelming...

Lastly, I've been looking at the Dean ML AT3000 (a guitar that doesn't need Dimebag's name to boost sales, but a great guitar I've been told) and I've also been told that it's quite versatile, from blues to metal (which is my approximate range musically, other than classical styles).


I'm just lost in this stuff. Any direction would be appreciated beyond any recognition.
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i think you shuld goto a guitar center and play as many guitars as you can till you find what you like its really the best way
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and also, use google. we are not going to do all the work for you. google has never failed me. just think about what serach terms to use and try different terms. that's most peoples' biggest mistake.