I'll be joining Uni of central Oklahoma for business studies and jazz studies.

I planned to wait for a semester before taking up jazz. My problem is that I have no idea of knowledge required to get accepted for JAZZ or any music (piano) studies.

Anyone with any idea. and by idea i mean a detailed explaining of all the requirement.

Big thanks.
Know all your modes in any key, be prepared to perform up to three difficult pieces, and make sure you can read lead sheets and improve off of them, and being able to read music might help too
strong knowledge of chord voicings (particularly shell voicings, drop 2 voicings and rootless voicings), voiceleading (NOT CHORALE STYLE, though it wouldn't hurt), general comping (listening to pianists, particularly the likes of Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Ahmad Jamal, theolonious monk, bud powel, count basie and big band horn sections helps). Id also say you should have a basic knowledge of chord-scale theory, as well as experience improvising melodically (taking a melodic statement and running with it, the basics of things like retrograde, playing and developing motivic statements, antecedant-consequent melodies, augmentation and diminuation) and being able to play the changes in a bebop oriented style (knowledge of where to put guide tones and tensions in your lines with a sense of melody and good rhythmic feel). A strong ear (not expecting you a chorus of a charlie parker solo off one listen, but basic interval and seventh chord identification, possibly some call and response stuff). Many jazz programs aren't huge sticklers with regards to sight reading, it may well be a lead sheet or a very simple single line melody.

Almost all of this should be demonstrated in an audition program consisting of standards, usually a blues, a standard swing or latin tune or a ballad. Some programs may want to hear a bebop tune, a rhythm changes, a modern tune or a classical piece, consult any school you audition at to make sure to prepare the right material.

they may also want you to prepare a transcription (play a jazz solo along with a recording and provide an origional written copy). even if they don't, you should learn a few jazz solos before your audition to get a feel for the jazz language. Miles's solo on So What or any blues tune is a good place to start, as is Wynton Kelly's solo on Freddie Freeloader.
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