I have a Jackson King V KVX10 with some Floyd Rose problems. I've been having some tuning issues when I use the tremelo (not extreme whammy abuse). The tuning goes from standard to almost half step...So I did some research and got a Hipshot Tremsetter installed by Long and McQuade. This solved my tuning issue for a month until the tuning problem returned again with the same little/subtle whammy use! I can't even do Dimebag squeals without my guitar going out of tune...

What's the issue here? I've adjusted the springs in the back. I haven't changed the strings in 6 months but I doubt that's the problem. Could my Hipshot be installed wrong? I'd really like to rule out everything else before I have to pay to get this fixed...Any ideas?
Jackson King V KVX10
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are the thumb screws in the nut screwed in all the way? (the ones that hold the pressure pads down)
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6 months is a long ass time for strings. Change them and see if you still have a problem, because that's most likely it.
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I haven't changed the strings in 6 months but I doubt that's the problem.

I'd say that's probably the problem. I do not have a FR but I have a tremolo bridge. If I don't change my string at least every 4-5 months that starts to happen. I change them almost monthly though.
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If a double locking trem isn't staying in tune, then either the trem isn't returning to it's neutral position or some strings are slipping through the nut (or posssible bridge).

If ALL the strings are not returning to pitch then it's most likely an issue with the trem's knife edge and/or posts. Check for wear on both and lube with contact points with a very small amount of vaseline.

If it's just a couple of strings, then the are probably slipping through the lock nut. Check for grooves in locking pad...if they are pretty deep they can allow the string to slip through. Replace locking pads...
my guess is the locking nuts aren't tight enough cause i had the same kind of problem and after a litlle tick extra on the allen wrench it was good.