I bought a bass guitar (Warlock Vortex) a couple of months ago and it had been working fine up until yesterday. Half way through a practice session there was some kind of "popping" sounds from the amp and the volume went extremely quiet. I am sure I had the volume turned up on the guitar and amp. I could only just hear the notes when I turned the amp up to maximum volume. I'm pretty sure it is a problem with the bass as I have tried a different amp and different cable but still had the same problem. I am wondering if anyone knows the cause of this problem and how difficult it is to fix.
Won't be able to reply to anyone quickly as I gotta get off but leave any advice and I will get to it tomorrow.

check if any cables inside came loose or have a bad connection
if its active itmight need a new battery
Yep, they're active pickups. All you have to do is switch out a battery.
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When you put in a new battery, check for how long it lasts.
If you find it's not lasting very long, try removing it after you play and putting it back in before you play. I had to do that with my Squier Deluxe 5 string.
OK, I will try that. I did try a new battery but I only had one old one and it didn't really make a difference. I'm hoping it was just a dud battery.
Thanks for the help.
I had replaced the battery but am still getting the same problem. I think it must be a problem with the wiring.
It's probably just a loose wire. Nothing 5 minutes with a soldering iron can't fix.
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I'm hoping it won't cost too much. I don't want to go tampering with it myself incase I make it worse.
Thanks for the help though.