Ok i want to record my own guitar/vocal tracks, yet i have no drummer or bassist to record them with. So i was wondering if there was a program on the computer that I could make a drum track and bass beat synthetically and then record my guitar and vocal track over it? Thanks in advance
GuitarPro 5 works well with writing the drums and bass. You can export to some other program to get a better sound once you have the track written.
I don't mind paying for it if it can get the job done. I really want a good program for this and i know there must be one out there.
Propellerhead Reason has a bitchin' drum machine, and I hear you can get a free copy if you look in the right places.
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there are plenty of VSTs that allow you to create drums or bass. there are a few free decent ones for bass (havent used any of them recently) and some for drums. the better ones for drums will cost you. fortunatly a couple of them are on sale right now at guitar center (if you live in the US). dont have the ad with me, but i think ezDrummer was on sale, and i know addictive drums is. i use addictive drums and love it.

you would just load the vsts into your daw, and write them in midi. pretty simple to get ok results, but with a bit of extra work it can sound really good.