Since December I’ve been trying to enjoy my Blackstar HT5 in my apartment and it’s just not working out. I’ve never loved the tone of the amp and I just don’t want to keep trying to get a good sound out of this kooky hybrid design. I don’t want another tube amp—I do most of my playing at night when I can’t play it loud in here for fear of pissing off the neighbors; even when I can turn a tube amp up the my apartment turns into a reverberating cave that makes high-gain sounds turn gross. At low volumes I lose all of my articulation, that’s no fun.

So now I just want to go back to playing on a real solid state amp. I like the demos I’ve seen of the Tech 21 Trademark 30, but I just want to know how it sounds with the volume down—think television volume. If it’s really not going to sound great at that level I might just get a Sansamp GT2 and some good monitors.

And before anyone brings it up, yes I know that Behringer sells knockoffs of both units, and don’t plan on buying either one.

Go for computer based modelling, will sound a hundred times better if you have decent monitors, and can go right down to whisper/headphone level and still sound fantastic...
Amplitube 3 and Revalver 3 are the best out there right now, try the free trials.
i would take a look at a pod x3, very good for the money.