Howdy, folks.

I need fuzz. Lots of fuzz. Lots of low-endy fuzz. Lots of thick, muddy, brown low-endy fuzz. Planning on acquiring a Bugera 6260 and 4x12 cab, so that's what I'll be running it through (Can't afford Green, Matamp, Orange, you know the drill). You probably know what I listen to, too. Kyuss, the Wizard, Slo Burn, and so on.

I'm heavily into fuzz, but I don't want to spend $175 on a new Blackout Musket or worse, $233 on fleaBay for that Ruskie Muff. Any of you guys getting rid of some thick, chunky, hairy, ballsy fuzz? I'm in Canada unfortunately, but I'll gladly pay shipping. I'll be ****ing broke post-Bugera anyway, may as well start cleaning out now.
PRS SE Torero (Drop B)
Schecter Devil (C# Standard)
Peavey Butcher (late 80s, 120 watt)
Traynor 4x12
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