have just bought a 'new', 4 year old stock Deluxe Players Strat. It s a very nice looking guitar, but the clear sticker on the scratchplate is totally stuck to the guitar. I am in the process of scratching it off, but there is remaining stickyness on the scratchplate.

What is the best way to remove this without damaging the finish?

Thanks if you can help!!!!!!
I use eucalyptus oil on my guitars when they have stickyness on them. Doesn't damage the finish and gets the sticky stuff off easy.
If you have it anyway...
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Rubbing alcohol
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i use lighter fluid for that stuff. works perfect. just be careful
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yeah i wouldnt use lighter fluid or i wouldnt use it at a gig if you do you might wind up like James Hetfield (lol scratching off the scratchplate sticker little irony there lol) i woudl go eucalyptus oil myself just because you can use it to get rid of anything