Well, before you flame me for being unoriginal, guess what. This song from the very get go is a tribute/parody to metalcore. So let me know what you think of the riffs. The musical skill is very much absent.
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I got an error.
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I thought the intro was cool, and parts of what Im guessing is your verse, from bar 18 on and onwards it gets kinda messy, all the parts dont blend as good in my ears, it just gets muddy and hard to really focus on the song, and at bar 22 the drums just.. well, for me they spam to much on the crash. :p But gets kinda cool again around 30. It's in my ears a kinda cool song, I'd just fix some of the parts, remove some of the guitarparts that dont blend to good. ^^
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To fix the errors, go into the instrument properties (click where it says 30 - Distortion Guitar etc.) on every track except for the top one and set the midi bank to 0 (or any other number for that matter).

With that out of the way, it is... well, metalcore. Though I got to admit it is one of the better metalcore songs I have heard, and not just for T&C. This is easily passable for something I would listen to in my downtime and enjoy. Instead of mentioning the things I like, I'm just gonna point out the things I didn't like. First of all the drums seemed kind of basic and slow for metalcore (I was gonna say repetitive, but then I realized how most bands in the genre are pretty lazy with their drumming, and only a select few that I know use decent fills). I mean, the drums for the intro fit, but the most of the other beats seem kind of boring. The transitioning is kind of off as well, but at least you didn't stop the intro riff and introduce a completely different verse riff that some bands in the genre are guilty of (cough cough Parkway Drive, as much as I still enjoy listening to them). 30 was too harsh of a transition in my opinion. That's pretty much it, keep in mind that I was only mentioning the bits I didn't like. Though I'm not much into writing metalcore anymore, I still occasionally listen to it, and if this was recorded and cleaned up a bit, I would listen to this too. I'm sorry I didn't leave much of a crit, I only left one because I felt the need after I wrote the solution to the error, but I'm not asking for anything back.

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