Are the cheaper RG's with Tremelo's any good. As in do they have the fast and thin neck that is in the more expensive ibanez's (Prestige). And are EDGE III's really that bad because from what i heard they are terrible.
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the necks are very good, and the trem is good providing you maintain it properly, but to summarise it`s a cheap trem on a cheap guitar and like everything mechanically operate needs looking after properly.

as archenemyfan said the same question about the edge 3 is asked every week so use the searchbar and revel in the atypical flaming.
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I currently own an Ibanez RG350DX.
It is fantastic in my opinion.
Only $399 these days.

Neck is very superb.
High notes are easily reachable because of the cutout.

I have nothing against the Edge III trem.
But compared to something like the Zero Locking Trem, I'd say theres a big gap.

And the cheap RG's have in my opinion horrible pickups.
But since I'm poor, I'm sticking with them unfortunately..

Change them if you purchase one.

Overall, it's a great series, and is very affordable.

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I have an Ibanez RG4EXFM1 with the Edge III and I have no problems with it. It stays in tune perfectly, the neck is very comfortable as well. I actually perfer the neck of the Ibanez more than the neck of my friends Jackson Kelly. Honestly, the only problem I've had with the guitar is that Schaller straplocks don't fit in the holes. If this is your first guitar with a Floyd Rose/Edge III style bridge, I'd reccomend it.