Soo, I need money. Here are the CDs, all of them are £8 and in perfect working condition.

BFMV- Scream aim fire
BFMV- Fever
Dream Theater- Images and words
Dream Theater- Awake
Dream Theater- Scenes from a memory
Dream Theater- Octavarium
Dream Theater- Live at Budokan (£10)
Dream Theater- A change of seasons
A7X- Nightmare
A7X- A7X
BTBAM- Colors
Iron Maiden- Fear of the dark
Tool- Lateralus
Jimi Hendrix- Fire
Metallica- S&M
MGMT- Congratulations
Muse- The Resistance

The xbox games are modern warfare 1&2, £20 each
Hi , im luke, i play guitar
What would shipping to Spain cost me?

Oh, and I can find lots of those for much less on play.com
All prices are negotiable, and 4 day shipping to spain would be around £16 with DHL
Hi , im luke, i play guitar
Recorded shipping to america with royal mail doesn't cost any more than £4 for a DVD from what I remember, so postage to another european country should be even less!
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