hi. i have a kinda cheap guitar (i have a better one that i play) and i would like to do something with it, some cheap customizing. i'm just doing it to get to know stuff a bit better, maybe find something cool, and just for the sake of doing something. i already made a killswitch but something in that style would be fun, eg effects, stuff involving electronics (not pickups and that though), not so much anything purely cosmetic. i appreciate all suggestions.

btw my camera is broken so there won't be any photos
i'd rewire everything and maybe add some pushpull pots, pickup switches instead of a blade or 3-way switch. that'll get you some practice with soldering and teach you about electronics in your guitar (plus new electronics will probably make it sound better)

maybe new pickups, maybe new tuners, maybe sand your guitar back, put down some cool newspaper cuttings and gloss over them. or just do a solid colour change. maybe get a new bridge or nut.

i reccomend going through the forums here and looking at what other people have done to their guitars. i saw a legoguitar made on here, so i decided to make a lego bass (see my sig). point is, do what ever you want. but hopefully i gave you some ideas
yea i would really like to do some push/pull pots, and i know where to get them. one question though: how do i know if i want long or short or split shaft? does it even matter?
i also though doing the reverse phase with push/push pot instead of a push/pull pot, it should work just as good (?). i have no idea if the current one is a 500 or 250 but its a epiphone lp studio with humbuckers so most likely the 500.
If it is a carved top LP, you probably need long shaft. Knurled split shaft works better with push on knobs. Solid shafts are often smooth and require knobs with a set screw.