Poll: What's your favourite guitar design?
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28 34%
Les Paul
41 50%
13 16%
Voters: 82.
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z0mg no br00tal metul m0nzter bc r1chz? wtf!

On topic, Superstrat.
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You deserve some form of awesome reward, but I'm to lazy. Imagine the rest of these:

More options/other?
And are we talking pure aesthetics (in which case, probably Dean Razorback Explosion) or overall? (In which case, strat)
Horizon III. Then a Firebird, or possibly a Jaguar, not sure which I prefer out of those two. Crying Star in fourth. Everything after that kind of ties. So there.
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Well, these guitar body shapes are great when you're talking about classic guitars designs. And I would pick the LP. But seriously, look at some BC Rich's ( awesome looks, crappy quality ) and some of those new DBZ's
You haven't offered nearly enough choices.

You need:

- Superstrat
- Warlock
- Iceman
- Razorback
- Flying V
- Explorer
- Hollow body
- Telecaster
- Warrior
- Xiphos
Out of the ones you listed, the SG.

I like RG's/Superstrats the most though.
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z0mg no br00tal metul m0nzter bc r1chz? wtf!

seriously, when is everyone going to realize that 666 1/2% of the pit are dirty long-haired metalheads?

I like star shaped guitars (jackson star, jackson warrior, bc rich ironbird, ibanez xiphos, etc.) I like anything with pointy corners though.
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Of those three I'd go with the SG, but I find MLs and Vs to be the most comfortable, and those two along with Explorers to be the nicest-looking. *shot*
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I love all 3, but I've been brought up on Humbuckers in the bridge and the sound and nuances from single coils doesn't sit with me, so I dislike regular strats. Then the Les Paul body just feels so damn uncomfortable to me, so I'd have to say the SG.

Out of all guitars, I'd have to top 5 out of a Jackson King V, Steinberger GM4, BC Rich Stealth and Mockingbird, and the Ibanez Iceman like that other guy posted.
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I would of picked strat if there was a frankinstrat option.
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SG, but only if its this one, the Jazzmaster trem fits it perfectly:

Otherwise, Tele.
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Fuck you, and your lack of choices.

I would have to say Jazzmaster/Jaguar, Eddie Vedders Tele with the p-90 in the neck position, the Mustang, and Ibanez Jetking.
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The Gretsch White Falcon is what a guitar is supposed to look like. Right?
Superstrats or double-cuts unless they are too "pointy" or borderline "metulz"
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superstrat, explorer then king v (randy rhoads/alexi laiho stlye)

your choices are quite limited
TS, your poll fails. I think all those guitars are fugly, and you need to offer at least 10 other choices for it to be any fun for anyone.

I mean, there are hundreds of other shapes out there besides those ancient dusty clunkers, you know?
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I've always had a fetish for Star shaped guitars...

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