Let's play a fun game called let's get rid of Justin Beiber! Take the lyrics of any good song and put them next to the wasteland that is Justin Beiber lyrics. It only takes a second. Then post it on this thread. When we get enough we can email this to Justins Manager or something and get his ass fired. Hopefully. Even though that will probably never happen it's still fun to see how bad the music industry has gotten. Please post!

I'll Start:

Love - Red Telephone

♫ I Believe In Magic... Why? Because it is so quick... I don't need power when I'm Hypnotized... Look In My Eyes...*♫

Great example of effective 60s Songwriting compare that to this...

Justin Beiber - Overboard

☠*Never understand you when you say...*Wanting me to met you half way...*Felt like I was doing my part...*Get bringing your coming up short...*Funny how these thing change...*Cause now I see...*☠

The funny thing is He didn't actually write that song some songwriter did and he's getting millions while struggling muscians such as myself will never get a shot! :/ this is why the music industry is falling... You can do this countless times with any song from the 60s-early 90s and any Justin Beiber song, laidies and gentelemen he's not that great!
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nah no thank you

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I'll stick with my Beiber Fever, thank you very much.
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The Beiber lyrics were better.

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