Hey i got a Peavy 6505+ combo 2 weeks ago and i really love it .
It sounds really good but i am still looking new sounds all the time .
I have a Fulltone OCD for rhythm channel boost but im looking to get something different and new .
So what sounds good with this amp ?
I was looking at the tubescreamers ( ibanez , maxon )
Also i thought about Zakk Wylde OD .

So recommend me some good OD pedals for clean boost .
My rig ( if u want to know ) : Les Paul - CAE Wah - Polytuner - OCD - Boss CE-5 - /AMP/ - MXR 10-Band EQ - Boss DD-7 - /AMP/ .

Looking for a EVH Phase 90 .

Any advises on pedals placement are welcome too . =)
Thanks !
The tubescreamer sounds fantastic with the 6505. Also, the Wylde overdrive is quite nice, but it's also super fat, and brings quite a lot of extra noise to the signal, so you'd need a noise gate with it, as you'll probably need one with any boost pedal.

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Blackstar HT pedals? Ever heard of those?
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Maxon OD-9. Maxon made the original tube-screamer circuitry. The new tube-screamers aren't nearly as good as the original, but the Maxons are the same. Plus the Maxon pedals have true bypass, but the Ibanez ones don't.
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If you have a 6505 you really need a noise gate like a boss ns-2/Isp decimator, I'd just get a Digitech bad monkey and a ns-2 if I were you but the Ibannez ts9/maxon od9 are very good

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Try just a clean boost if anything...like an EQ in front of the amp.
Honestly, the lead channel doesn't need anything, but the crunch works much better with the boost.
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