Pitmonkeys, Fanboys, and Comic Geeks, I welcome you to discuss any and all Comic book, Graphic Novels, and (if you really must, Manga) related topics. Hopefully with this thread we can recommend, research, learn and reminisce from each-other what we've enjoyed from the DC/Marvel/Darkhorse etc. universe. From the Golden Age of the 30's to the Modern age of today; From Spiderman/Xmen/Avengers to Batman/Superman/Green Lantern. Discuss your comic passion here.

I myself didnt come into comics until a few years ago. Being completely lost and with not knowing where to start, you can quickly be overwhelmed with the mass volumes of choices you have before you. So I started with what I enjoyed most growing up. Batman. Now Batman alone has been with us since the late 30's, Brought to us by the great mind of Bob Kane. So with this being said, there were thousands of comics and graphic novels to choose from. So... I did what anyone in my shoes would do... Trial and error. Now with any superhero, comic series. Your'e gonna have your good ones, and your'e gonna have your (what the F*ck did i just read) bad ones. So with years of reading his (batman) material, I give you my Top 10 (Graphic Novels):

10: Death in the family, B/c I hate robin, and I loved seein the fan base of the 80's vote to kill him off
9: Kingdom Come, Not so much a batman story as it is superman, with batman tie in, But a fantastic "futuristic" rendition of the D/C universe
8: The Cult
7: Dark Victory
6: Hush, If you enjoyed Jim Lee's Xmen artwork in the 90's... you'll shit bricks with him at the helm of Batman Hush Vol 1 & 2
5: Arkham Asylum
4: The Killing Joke, A solid, entertaining Joker origin story
3: Year One, Frank Miller at the helm of the origins of Batman
2: The Long Halloween
1: The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller's Epic tale of a "future" retired batman (when super heroes are outlawed) who dawns his mantle once more to rid the streets of crime and political corruption. (Including a fantastic fight scene with superman)

So go ahead UG..... Discuss.

*Edit: Coming Soon: Top 10 Xmen/Spiderman and Independent Graphic Novels.*
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