I wanna buy a mic to record vocals and acoustic guitar. Do you have any suggestions on what I should get? Try and keep it not too expensive please
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Rode NT1A condenser would be my first choice
Audio Technica AT2020 isnt bad, same with the MXL 990/991 condenser set.

If you want to go dynamic you'll need a good preamp as you'll be turning the gain up more but ya can't beat the Shure SM57 and SM58 mics. I still like condensers for acoustic and have always enjoyed the MXLs for that type of project.
Rode NT1-A, cheap as anything, and with a preamp, providing the input and 48v of phantom power, sounds beautiful. Check my profile songs, all of them were done with that microphone, with the guitar micced in stereo at the bridge and over my shoulder, with a pair of these fantastic mics.

For the record, I use a Behringer preamp (cheap and horrible), and its still manages to sound amazing.
Dynamic mics are usually pretty cheap (relatively, around $100) I'd go with a Shure SM58, but you'll need a pre-amp.
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