Hello!, just a quick chord question.

Can anyone tell me what this chord is called?


And also what type of chords are these?

Youve got a Bminor chord there, but without the fifth, therefore (no5) means no fifth. It could also be written as D6(no3no5), which in fact it probably should due to the D being in the bass.

To be honest though, with only 2 notes in the chord theres not much point trying to over-analyse them.
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Technically speaking, the last 2 are not chords, just a root and an interval.

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Actually two notes played together aren't chords in the first place. They're intervals.

Might be an anal notice but whatevers dudes. =V
Quote by Eddy~

Might be an anal notice but whatevers dudes. =V

Not anal at all. They aren't chords because they could be implying a few different things.

The first one is probably implying a 1st inversion B chord, but could be a D# aug. It could even be part of a G#m chord. The second one could be a 1st inversion Bm, second inversion G, a D6 or Dm6. Two notes do not make a chord. That's pretty important.

Edit: Couldn't be a Dm6. My bad.
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