Right, I think I have got the hang of Eb flat tuning but one thing is bothering me - the bass strings. My question is that if I think I have tuned it down can I grab my electronic tuner and hold down 1st fret on the low E (now Eb) and if this a bang on E is the open in Eb ?

Sorry if this is kinda confusing.
Well, in theory, yes, but it would require your guitar to have been perfectly intonated first.

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If you're guitar is well intonated, yes.

Also, "Eb flat" is redundant. It's just Eb.
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Technically speaking, no, it won't be perfectly at E. The reason for this is that there are all sorts of intonation difficulties regarding the first fret.

If you had the 0 fret system that are on some high-end guitars, however, then yes, you could.
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Well, if the tuner is chromatic, you wont have to worry about that, but if its a dedicated guitar tuner, than you would have to make sure that your intonation is correct. I would say that choosing a tuning is not something to change a sound, but something to help correct a sound IE, if youre in a band with brass instruments or with others in Eb, tune to Eb. Honestly, the only difference when playing solo is the feel, as pitch is relative.
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yes only if its perfectly intonated and the first fret is kinda notorious for being slightly sharp or flat
Eb flat is like saying Eflat flat or D
the b means flat next time just say Eb
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If you're guitar is well intonated, yes.

Also, "Eb flat" is redundant. It's just Eb.

Sorry I was in a rush, also would I be able to upload a sound clip of what my guitar sounds like in Eb tuning?