just got back from afghanistan on deployment for the military, and have some money to upgrade my rig, currently playing a ibanez dt250 x series, and fender frontman, with ds-1 and wah.

really looking for a new guitar, ibanez is not suited for my style really, looking to get that jerry garcia clean live tone, and bob dylan 60's electric tube amp break-up/ distortion.

i know garcia played through a twin reverb mic'd but i don't want to spend that much money.

current idea for a new setup include fender pro junior, or blues honestly don't see much of a difference except speaker and reverb, maybe a few more options for tone shaping.

current guitar picks are highway one telecaster or gretsch elctromatic hollowbody.
with these current selections or thoughts of selections, would i need to upgrade the pickups.

Currently looking for vox repeater effect as used by spacemen 3.

also to note friend just gave me a big muff pi, and nano holy grail. so that may make up for any tone difference also with the pro junior and blues jr.