I just bought this guitar, an Ibanez Iceman IC300 with an upgraded Semour Duncan SH-6 bridge pickup. The feel of this guitar is absolutely amazing, but the clean sounds are a little to bassy, and when distorted it's not bassy enough. I mean, I had the perfect clean tones coming out of a stratocaster-knock off, but this one doesn't really cut it. (but it's still really good.) Are there any recommended pickups that would bring out a very clean, thick sound coming from the neck pickup position?
i believe that you are in the wrong forum bud check out the Gear Building & Customizing thread for better info
For a Warm, Clean tone, AND a bassy crunch? Check out the DiMarzio Air Norton. Thats What I have in my Ibanez's bridge and it's an awesome pickup
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What amp are you using? Have you messed with your EQ or tone knob at all?
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Dimarzio humbucker from hell - either that or simply lower the bass side of the pickup a bit.
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