so ive about decided to buy an agile ghost white pro 7 string guitar, i hav never played one but i want a 7 string and hav heard good things about agile guitars and its a heck of a lot cheaper than a mediocre schecter, anyone with an agile that thinks i shouldnt get one and instead go for a schecter or something higher priced
A $500 -$600 Agile would compare very favorably to a $800-$900 Schecter.

If I were in the market for a non custom 7 string, I'd get an Agile and wouldn't think twice about it. Plus, they have a much bigger selection of 7s and 8s than any other company I know of.
i own one and i payed i think like 700 for mine. i've played many schecter 7's and the agile (imo) is alot better, in terms of the overall tone and the feel of the neck. you won't be dissapointed with it, trust me. and if you recieved it damaged or decide 7 strings arent for you or you simply didnt like the guitar they have a good return policy where you can return it within the 1st i think its 14 days and you get all your money back.
Agile 7 strings are the cream of the crop of their guitars, kinda the flagship ones and pretty popular for people wanting to enter that 7 string world.