I've been playing "off-vocal" versions of different songs and I'm using the notes of the human vocals to my guitar. I've been playing with Guitar Rig for a long time and still I'm not satisfied with my tone yet.

I want it to sound like the guitar's singing (as the human vocals does). I know this also include techniques. I haven't perfected vibrato and accent yet but I think it's enough for me to play something like this.
Do you have a wah? IMO they help, alot. Just learn to use the sweep of the wah, in combination with vibrato, bend, etc., and you can get one kind of tone. Another way is using a talkbox. They're a whole heckuva lot of fun. Some are relatively inexpensive (I've seen some floating around for about $250, minus extras). Some may require a separate speaker, but some are all in the same line, much like a stompbox. Also, using effects like envelope filter and auto-wah, and can replicate voices, IMO.
I'm only using Guitar Rig so I don't have any "physical" gear around. Here's the song I'm currently working on (its still work in progress)


Center: originally Vocals (the thing I'm talking about)
Left: Rhythm - Thin
Right: Rhythm - Fat
Backtrack: Remix of 3 songs

Oh yeah, this dude is doing what I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MPcVlh6uEs

It's more of making the notes more alive.
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