I have a esp ltd ec 401vf (a Les Paul style guitar) and often want to play post-metal, sludge etc, however being only young (and still in college) I only have one guitar and need standard tuning for other band etc.

Will it damage the guitars neck or wear down the frets/intonation if I tune down and back up from drop Ab and C standard to E standard regularly?

Cheers Harry
i don't think so. i do that kind of stuff all the time and it hasn't damaged my Ltds neck for the last 3 years
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Uhh it'll sound like shit?

Maybe getting the guitar set up for E standard with 12 gauge strings, and tuning down when needed. But if you leave it in the lower tunings you will screw up your guitar.

I wouldn't do it personally. Invest in a little beater guitar (A $200 Agile for example) for the tunings you play in less.
The strings will be sooooo floppy in drop Ab. Then tuning back up to standard is always going to screw up everything. You shouldn't be switching between the two that often. It's not good for the neck.
The odd thing that I have found is that it sounds great when downtuned and Im currently using power slinkys, which aren't exactly that heavy. I get a bit of string buzz, as expected, on the low E string but apart from that its clear and the strings appear to be fairly tight. Overall I think that I might wait and only tune to C standard when I absolutely need to.
You could permanently drop it and use a Capo for E but that's probably a shitty idea too
I think you might mean Drop A# if you're switching it from C standard, and yeah, that's going to be insanely low either way, and with a short scale, it's not helping. IMO, the most you can change a guitar's tuning without having to re set up would be about 1 whole step. You're dropping 2 whole steps and 3 whole steps on the low E. Raise the action a good bit, re do the intonation, and get nice and thick strings. That's all I can think of
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Yeah my bad I meant Drop A#, cheers for the replies everyone anyways. May be a good excuse to buy another guitar I suppose.
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You could permanently drop it and use a Capo for E but that's probably a shitty idea too

Going from B to E with a capo is no big deal, really. People play in E with capos all the way up at the twelfth fret!

Never really been that into 7 strings bit weak for bands like Neurosis, Baroness and Cult of Luna etc need a solid downtuned les paul six string style guitar
You can do it, but you'll need massive strings to compensate for the tension lost.

On a Les Paul... I wouldn't. The scale is too short already. You'd need like 13's or 14's, and you may not be comfortable with that.
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just use a 13-70 gauge like i do.... not so great for the bending but its very clear and articulate in drop ab, even though i use it for drop a