I f i was messing around (i don't think the words soloing or improv applies due to the quality ) in, lets say the key of C, and i was using the C major scale, how do i go into for example the C phygrian mode from that? Can i just go straight in or is there a certain way to go between sacles and modes?
You can go straight to it, or you can take a slide approach. I use extended scales (i.e. extended pen, extended maj) to slide to different modes of scales up and down the neck, it's more of a style thing and less of technique.

Whatever feels right to you is what you gotta do.
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It really depends on the chords of the song that are going to allow you to do that. If you just have a single C note playing for an extended period of time, then yes you can just switch whenever you want. But whenever you are switching scales in a song you want them to be as little change as possible. Learn the circle of fifths and fourths and that will help with that knowledge. It would help to know what chords you are working with so we can give you more advice on what to play, because some of us on here could write pages on scales and modes and how to use them on chords and everything but you'll probably just get confused and not get any help.
Well what you could do is borrow some chords from the parallel minor, like Cm or Fm, and then play C Phrygian over that. It just depends on the context. I don't really know how it would sound if you're just playing by yourself in C Major, and then shift to C Phrygian.
You also need to make the chords fit. The major scale creates a major 7th chord, while the phrygian creates a minor 7th. You can think of ways to get around this, but that's very complex. It'd be a good topic to discuss in the MT forum.

An easier transition to make would be from major to lydian. They both create the same 7th chord, yet have their own unique sound. That's very common to do.

In the end, you can do whatever the hell you want. You can modulate whenever, use whatever chords you want, use whatever rhythms you want. Just play what you like to hear and be creative.
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Well there are no chords underneath cause i'm not referring to anything in particular, and no change in particular but thanks for the advice, and thanks for showing my little i know and hurting my head....