Unit was made in 2001. It's in fairly good condition, especially for a 9 year old pedal. Some wear is present on the front. Nothing real noticeable though unless you're close to it; you can't even see it in the pic. No box but has the original manual. Comes with Fulltone adapter. No velcro. Asking $140 shipped and PP'd CONUS. You can subtract $5 for using the gift option.

The KoT is a recent V4. I got it on June 25 of this year. The S/N is 2925. High gain both sides, absolutely mint, comes with box and all goodies. No velcro. I'll sell it for $340 shipped and PP'd CONUS. Subtract $10 if you use the gift option.

Sorry about the crappy pics, my camera was stolen at the beginning of summer.

The only trade I can think of right now would be a Zendrive plus cash for the KoT.

I will sell either internationally. Buyer pays extra shipping costs.
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