I couldnt find anything about this in any of the forumsso i thought i'd try here. I'm doing my LC music practical this year and i want some good backing tracks to use but i dont know where to get them. I might sing some songs as well as play the guitar part so i want them without vocals. I was thinking of doing some Muse or The Who, both of which use synths so i cant make my own. Can anybody help?
What internet browser do you use? I know that realplayer will allow you to rip the audio from youtube videos if you're using internet explorer. Not sure if there's much else you can do.
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I use them all really. Thanks but i doubt if theres a lot of who songs without the guitar and vocals on youtube.
this has Muse's entire absolution album as an instrumental version. Also, Muse put out a 5.1 version of their latest album so there's individual tracks or guitarless or voiceless ect all over youtube just type in "muse the resistance dts" or something like that to find it. Cheers!

Edit** forgot the link http://www.microcuts.net/uk/download/misc.php
Yeah ive tryed guitar backing tracks but im looking for tracks without guitar AND vocals and they all have one or the other

EDIT: Sorry i was wrong! :S Found some withou either
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