Hello everyone! My band started recording our first 6 song EP a few months ago and we are very close to finishing it. We are going to give a free download and also give out cd's to our friends and so this has sparked a few questions that I need answered.

1) What cd format do I use? Is it cd-r, cd-rw, etc?
2) If I import my songs into iTunes and add the artwork on it from there will it also appear on other people's computers?
3) Should I use WAV or AIFF for the cd?

Thanks to both of you and good luck on your cd too jman. I went out and bought about 50 cd-r so I'm good on those. I edited the ID3 tags by adding album artwork, then I downloaded the mp3 to another computer and I was very happy to see that the artwork showed in iTunes. So thanks again helped me out a lot.