Hey everyone, if you hang out in GG&A you probably know who I am.

I'm parting ways with my Voodoo Platinum modded Mesa 2 ch Dual Rec, asking $2500 + shipping to anywhere that I can get it shipped to with insurance.

Kills me to let it go, but it's just too much amp for my needs these days. I'm in the process of streamlining my rig.

It's in like-new condition. I take excellent care of my gear. 6mo of use out of the current power tubes (Ruby 6L6's), atleast another 6mo or more of regular gigging use before you'll need to look into replacing them. New 12AX7's in a couple of the pre positions, others still relatively new and working/sounding fine.

Check out my page, a lot of the rack gear and both Peavey JSX 412's are going up on the auction block.

Any interrested parties feel free to comment here or PM me. Thanks!
Sorry, forgot to mention, I might also entertain some trades. I'll be back later to edit this post with a list of what I'm interrested in.
Ok guys, here it is, what I'd be willing to consider in trade:
*Bare Knuckle "Cold Sweat" (set, nickle covers) or "Nail Bombs" (set, gold covers).
*Peavey QF 131.
*Faustine "Phantom" attenuator.

The other rack gear I mentioned before for sale is:
*Lexicon MX300 stereo FX processor.
*BBE 482i sonic maximizer.
*dbx 231 EQ.
*Alesis EQ 230.

and ofcourse the modded Dual Recto and the two Peavey cabs.

everything's in stellar condition cosmetically and in perfect working order.

Thanks again for looking!