maybe not the right forum but im gonna be using for my guitar... vocals too but i figured it'd fit.

basically im just wondering if this setup is any good

i want a pa setup with a pretty decent setup for playing small bars and clubs that sort of thing. i can add more speakers if necessary but for now will this get the job done??
thanks for any help

p.s. if theres any other recommendations my budget is probably about 300 bucks at the most
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We have the Phonic 410/S710 package, and use it for practice. It's pretty loud and works fine for what we need for. We have had some issues with feedback, but that probably has more to do with our mics and/or our practice room.
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We have that PA, but with the 12" speakers. It's not bad. Not the greatest sounding PA, but for the price, it gets the job done just fine. Actually, bass sounds pretty bitchin through it, I didn't realize they were that cheap now, I might buy one just to sit in my room when our vocalist takes his home
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i actually have the 620+ package. not bad, i invested in another 1x12 cab and PA speaker stands for better projection. great PA for practice, i have used mine to run sound at a couple gorilla shows and if you don't know what you're doing then feedback can be an issue. it works as a pretty kickass dedicated monitoring system live or in practice.

the down sides? i have hit the headroom of the PA; and while it performs well for being so cheap, it is still a cheap PA (it's not even stereo, it's all mono) and you only get 200 watts when you bridge the output, else you get ~100 watts each side. but it has handled a singer, keyboard, backup singer, and trumpet all at once and sounded fairly good, so i can't complain really.
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