Poll: Which could you not live without?
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85 43%
73 37%
I don't use either of them.
40 20%
Voters: 198.
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Seeing as these are both very popular substances, which of these could you not live without?

I mean that to a more serious extent - If you could choose one of these to be taken away forever, which would it not be?

Poll up soon.

tl;dr - Which one do you like better?
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Caffeine > Alcohol

Caffeine < Alcohol
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I "use" both, and can live without both.

edit: if I had to choose one or the other, I'd pick caffeine.
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I don't drink, so I guess I couldn't live without Caffeine.
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Very hard choice...

Probably alcohol, even though I love tea I don't have great confidence when I'm out and alcohol helps that
Caffeine does very little for me, i merely like the taste. Therefore alcohol, more entertaining.
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I'd probably go insane w/o caffeine for starters, although I'm not a heavy drinker I think I'd be better without caffeine since it would be forcing away my addiction
I like tea, and tea has caffeine in.

But if I had to choose one to take away, it would be alcohol.
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I don't drink alcohol or coffee, and I don't care if my soda has caffeine or not, so I'd be okay without both.
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I already live without both. I have a heart condition that causes my heart to be super-sensitive to stimulants and depressants. Including caffeine and alcohol.
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i could live without either, though I'd prefer not to live without caffeine (I don't drink, so i already live without alcohol)
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Alcohol, because taking it out means you give up on beer and wine.

No sane human being could live without beer and wine.

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Caffeine. All alcohol does is make me look like a prat when I drink too much of it.

Couldn't start my mornings without coffee, however I could end my days without alcohol.
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Alcohol, because taking it out means you give up on beer and wine.

No frenchman could live without beer and wine.

I think that's what you really mean.
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Someone had to say it
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I think that's what you really mean.

Well, a Frenchman could live without beer.

"L'esclave parfait est celui qui croit être libre."

There's a time an a place for both, but for me that is several times a day. I could live without alcohol, but I would probably replace it with weed. It'd probably be awkward going to bars and not drinking tho.
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Well, a Frenchman could live without beer.

Admittedly, if I lived in France, I wouldn't want to give up the wine either. Bunch of cheeky frogs keeping all the good wine.
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OddOneOut is an Essex S&M mistress and not a pirate or a computer program.

id rather chop of my ding dong than not drink
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Hard choice... there are such delicious things as Baileys and good wine, but there's nothing quite like a strong cup of black coffee to get you moving in the morning.

I'm going to have to back the Caffeine on this outing.
I could easily live without both; I already live without alcohol, and I only get minimal amounts of caffeine, almost entirely from soda.
Caffeine helps my A.D.D, so id choose that.

Being drunk is meh to me. I get a better loopy from a good dose of benzos. I would definitely miss the taste though..

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I don't like your language in your poll, but I think I voted correctly. I would rather have caffeine than alcohol.
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I have a minor caffeine dependence, and I love coffee, but I love booze even more. Sorry, Starbucks, you're great, but there's someone else; his name is Jose Cuervo. I'll find another way to wake up in the morning.
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I use both. I can live without them though.

I voted alcohol.
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I've never been a fan of coffee. I do no "need" caffeine. At all.

EDIT: I obviously eat/drink other stuff that contains small amounts of caffeine, but not because of the caffeine and I do not eat/drink them regularly either.
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I accidently said alcohol instead of caffeine.
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I could live without caffeine more easily than alcohol, definitely.
I react very strongly to caffeine (think: Probably allergic but not medically confirmed) and drinking a few Mountains Dews makes me paranoid, delusional, and of course hyperactive. An energy drink or two will make me throw up or black out. Either way, there's usually memory loss and nausea the next day. So I think I'd be perfectly OK living without....

Alcohol. I love Mountain Dew too much to let it go.
I don't drink anything that has caffeine or alcohol in it, since I dislike carbonated drinks and am not old enough to drink alcohol/not interested in it.

I wouldn't be able to live without chocolate though, but not because of the caffeine in it.

So neither.
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