I need some pedal advice. I let the Triple Wreck go to help fund a custom Explorer. And while the TW was good it had to much tweaking going on for my abilities right now. I am down to a Keeley SD-1, DLS v2, and a Monsterpiece Classic/NPN fuzz. I am starting to get some good stuff from the DLS, but its not getting in the range of the Modern Heavy stuff. I am wanting some BFMV, Ramstein, Stone Sour, Disturbed, etc.. type stuff. Funds are tight so I am needing something in the realm of 150 or less and if GC carries it would be some help since I have a GC card. Thanks guys
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You're better off w/ a TS than a distortion pedal, IMO. A Distortion is going to add a lot of fizz, and that never sounds good.