I'm going to be heading off to college soon, and because I'm not too keen on hauling my Mesa Rectoverb back and forth between home visits (which may not even be possible, as I may attend out-of-state), I now have an excuse to start looking into another amp to keep at home. I've narrowed it down to three choices:
Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus: I've been experimenting with clean tones alot as of late, and I've heard this amp is the standard for clean sounds. However, it doesn't have the capacity for high gain, which is fine, but I'd be stuck if I suddenly had a craving for distortion.
Peavey 6505+: This would solve my distortion needs, and I'd like to see how it differs from the Mesa/Boogie sounds, but I don't know too much about the cleans.
Bogner Alchemist: A balance between the other two amps above.

Could anyone offer advice, or even better, pros and cons, of the listed amps? Other suggestions are welcome; I'm looking to buy used combos, my budget is about $700, and my main style of music is Deftones/A Perfect Circle-esque alternative metal, but I like other styles too.
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you said you wanted to take this with you or leave it at home, and take the mesa with you?
I'd go with the Peavey 6505+ Generally the 6505+ has better cleans than just the regular 6505. It's basically a 5150 II.

Plus if you're playing clean alt-metal you'd probably wanna throw a hint of mod on there anyway. A really light chorus setting will make the cleans sound a lot better. Honestly, I tried the whole distortion pedal thing and it just doesn't cut it the way that overdriven tubes sound. The only thing I didn't really dig about playing a 6505+ is you kind of have to push the amp a little harder (run a tubescreamer or whatever in front of) to get it to break up to the desired br00talz. Of course this can also be solved in areas where you play in low volumes by removing some tubes.

If I were just using an amp in college though I wouldn't take anything special. Shit gets broken, stolen, various liquids of all varieties and colors can be spilled, etc.
I'd go with the Bogner Alchemist. I've been wanting one for a long time. I can get some pretty good sounds out of every one I have ever played.